Retargeting users who have already interacted with your brand is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to drive leads and conversions. But what makes one agency different from another?


Targeting the right audience,
with the right offer,
at the right time.


    • Refining The Audience Buckets

      Are you retargeting based on the products/services viewed, the recency of past engagement, a demographic attribute, custom defined user-segment, channel origination, or a combination of all these attributes?

    • Personalization

      Everything about retargeting ads, from the design, to the offer and funneled down to the call-to-action can and should be personalized.

    • Content-centric Strategies

      Has your agency really thought through the customer’s journey?  Are they attracting a return-visit with an irresistible offer or alluring information, or are they just “spraying & praying” with the same block of banner ads over and over?

    • Analytics / Conversion Path Analysis

      What is the highest converting contenton your site?  Are the right landing pages being employed in your remarketing campaign?